Coaching Services

Get ready to create your best life!

  • Reconnect with yourself, and feel good again
  • Find personal and interpersonal peace
  • Find your life’s purpose, and start doing it

Benefits May Include

  • Receiving guidance and support for what’s next in your life
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to be more effective and productive
  • Having an “accountability partner” to help you stay on track
  • Regaining your energetic and emotional balance
  • Connecting with the Loving Presence that is bigger than you

More Information

While everyone will receive different benefits from coaching, my goal will be to help you find the methods that will help you to move forward into your life’s purpose with excitement and joy.


I sought Reiki treatment with Sheila because, as a therapist, I know how important it is to regularly cleanse my body and psyche’s energy.  Reiki is a gentle and relaxing way of doing this.  Sheila’s background as a therapist helps her to understand our specific needs for purification at a deep energetic level, and her treatments provide this.

The Reiki treatment with Sheila benefits me deeply as a therapist.  It enables me to let go of anything I might be carrying and to meet my clients refreshed and open.

Ioanna D., Los Angeles

Sheila was an upbeat, insightful, and creative coach. She helped me to find a clear path out of a very difficult time to a happy and productive life. I would recommend her enthusiastically to anyone looking for a coach.

Linnele R., Brentwood

Linnele R., Brentwood

The treatment simply felt good—relaxing contentment and peacefulness–like everything is right in the world.  I am eager for another treatment and definitely recommend Sheila.

Joyce, Reno

I sought Reiki with Sheila during treatment for cancer. My experience during the treatment was overall calming and energizing.  During the treatment I would go into a meditative state, and the state of calm energy stayed with me for long periods after the treatment.

I healed well from my cancer treatment.  My regular Reiki treatments with Sheila were an important part of my wellness program. I continue to be treated by Sheila, and I recommend her treatment to friends.

Irene J., Los Angeles