Let me inspire you and motivate you to create a better life for yourself! Do you feel rushed? Stressed? Pulled in too many directions? Maybe something specific has happened that causes you to feel sad or afraid.

Perhaps things are going pretty well, but you wish you had more “juice” in your life. I use a holistic approach, combining various healing methods to fit your personality and your needs. I hold a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology, am a Reiki Master Teacher, have been trained by a Chumash Wisdom Keeper, and work with color, crystals and sound. We will work together to tune into your deepest desires and bring balance into your life.

Coaching Services

Personal Development

Would you like to actively create a life that you love, rather than staying stuck in the pain of the past? Would you like to truly know yourself, so you can build a life that is truly a fit for you? Together we can discover and explore your personal path—your life’s purpose. Then we will work together to incorporate your purpose into the personal, relational, and professional aspects of your life.
Life Coaching
Are you stuck, and wanting to make changes in your life? Or perhaps changes are coming that are not of your choosing. I can provide support and tools in times of change. I can help with challenges in your relationships or career, teaching you methods to get through the tough times with integrity. Together we can guide you through transitions so that you feel grounded and excited about “what’s next.” 
Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel disconnected from Spirit? Do you know what you believe, or only what you do not believe? Together we can explore your spiritual path, which will be unique to you. We can deepen your spiritual connection, enabling your to feel the joyous connection to that which is larger than you. And we will use this connection as a resource when you are facing times of uncertainty, change, or crisis.

Energy Work

Do you feel out of balance? Do you feel tired, edgy, or just blah? Energy healing is the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to balance subtle energies in the body. It encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability, providing a general sense of emotional and physical well-being. Energy healing uses a holistic approach to manipulate your meridian and chakra energy systems.


I sought Reiki with Sheila during treatment for cancer. My experience during the treatment was overall calming and energizing.  During the treatment I would go into a meditative state, and the state of calm energy stayed with me for long periods after the treatment.

I healed well from my cancer treatment.  My regular Reiki treatments with Sheila were an important part of my wellness program. I continue to be treated by Sheila, and I recommend her treatment to friends.

Irene J., Los Angeles